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Name:Ms. Rina Wahyu [Marketing]
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Y!: indo.grosir Y!: indo.grosir
Mobile Number:+6285640405625
Phone Number:+6285640405625
Address:Kelapa Gading
Jakarta 14240, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Nov. 15, 2009
Last Updated:Nov. 15, 2009
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Gifts & Crafts category

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Pusat Grosir Indonesia offers Multi Products with Wholesale Price. Miminum Quantity is 3 pieces.

- Accessories : necklace, ring, bracelet, anklet, brooch, earring, pendant, etc. ( monel, white steel, titanium, imitation, fiber, seashell, coconut shell, leather, bead, plastic, metal, wood, bone, nylon, etc.)
- Bag : handbag, backpack, sling bag, travel bag, clutch, wallet, purse ( imitation, leather, pandanese, batik, mendong, knitted, beads, etc.)
- Clothes : blouse, dress, pants, skirt, legging, trousers, shirt, t-shirt, sleep wear, jacket, cardigan, blazer, vest, tank top, tube, bra, panty, lingerie, bikini, cheekies, g-string)

* Delivery : JNE, Tiki & Post Indonesia
* Payment : Transfer BCA, Mandiri, Western Union
* Contact/ Chat/ Email : + 62 85640405625 / indo.grosir@ yahoo.com

* * * NOTES : Please directly contact us by email, chat or phone instead of leaving message here.

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